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2015 holiday prep challenge!

Holiday Prep Challenge

Oct 19 - Nov 25

What if you went into this holiday season more confident than ever?

How?  A regular Bikram practice connects and strengthens our bodies and minds like no other exercise can.  

Commit to a Holiday Prep Challenge the 5 weeks before Thanksgiving and make this the best holiday season ever.


What is a Holiday Prep Challenge?  A goal to prepare for the holidays by completing a certain number of classes in the 5 weeks between Oct 19 and Thanksgiving.  Choose either “3x5” (3 classes/week for 5 weeks), “4x5”, 30 days in a row, or 30 days in those 5 weeks.  Whatever you choose, just like in practicing yoga postures, we benefit just by setting a goal for self-care and reaching for it.  When the whole studio is doing it, we get group energy!

How does it work?  Put your name on our Challenge poster by the end of October, set your goal, and put up a star for every class you take.  Feel great with more practice, group energy, and your commitment to yourself.

$300+ IN PRIZES!  Complete at least 15 classes and get a chance to win a $25 gift card from one of our neighbors:

Cost?  Free to current members.   Not on a current package?  Save 20% and buy one month unlimited for $144 here - or sign up for our $119 Monthly Unlimited Healthiest You Membership here.  

Sale ends Oct 31.

We look forward to practicing with you!   Will and Mary Margaret

p.s.  Join the 2015 Holiday Prep Challenge at Bikram Hot Yoga Miami.  For truly Happy Holidays this year.