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4 Most Important Holistic Health Benefits of Hot Bikram Yoga

There are many benefits to practicing yoga. However, hot yoga is becoming more and more popular in the Miami area.  

But what is the difference between hot yoga and normal yoga, and what are the benefits?

What Is Hot Yoga?

Hot yoga refers to the practice of Hatha yoga sequences in a heated room. Our specific hot yoga room is over 100F. There are many types of hot yoga in the same way that there are many types of yoga. One of the most popular hot yoga types is Bikram Yoga. An author at outlines the specific 26 postures that make up a Bikram yoga sequence, and that characterizes the uniqueness of Bikram. 

Bikram Yoga Influences Your Health are many benefits of practicing Bikram Hot Yoga. However, these four benefits are the most important benefits for overall health.

1. Hot Bikram Yoga Works Your Body Harder

According to Isabel Lambert, director of Tula Yoga Spa in Toronto, working in a heated room can elevate the heart rate, which can help to make the body work harder. This can help to burn calories, which will promote better well-being and overall health.

2. Hot Yoga Improves Flexibility

Thanks to the heated ambiance in which Bikram Yoga is practiced, you may find that your joints loosen and become suppler. Muscles become warm, which provides a safe environment in which to enjoy your yoga practice. This can help you stretch farther than you’ve ever stretched before. 

3. Practicing in a Hot Room Can Help Boost Your Metabolism

Maggie Giuffrida writes for She Knows and explains how practicing yoga in the heated environment provided by Bikram and Hot Yoga increases your pulse rate and metabolism. This also allows your blood vessels to become more supple and flexible, which can further help your body to burn calories. This can also improve circulation.

4. Bikram Yoga Helps for Stress Relief

Performing yoga in such heat requires significant discipline, determination, and mindfulness. To practice safely, you must be present in the moment and listen to your body. As it turns out, just practicing this mindfulness on a regular basis can help you to manage and cope with stress. 

You may find that practicing being in the present moment helps you to stop dwelling on the past or being overly preoccupied about the future.

An author at Fit Day also explains that Bikram Yoga involves deep breathing, which can contribute towards feelings of calm and reduced stress. 

Listen to Your Body and Reap the Rewards of Hot Yoga

Yoga itself is a mind-body experience. Unlike pumping iron at the gym or attending an aerobics class, there is a holistic experience in yoga that you can’t get in other exercises. Hot yoga can help to heighten the mind-body experience by forcing the yogi to focus on executing the moves and regulating the body. In such a way, it’s always important to experience it for yourself and listen to your body and how it responds. Only this way can you understand how your body and mind can benefit and practice safely.

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