Yoga House Miami

Lunchtime Meditation Thursdays in February

marlene lunchtime meditation hot yoga house miami

Thursdays in February at 12:15pm at the Coconut Grove studio we will have a Meditation class led by Marlene. No heat, 45 minutes.

Reset your day or week (or more) with an instructional meditation session designed to fit into your lunch hour. Learn to meditate in a group setting and see how it can help totally change your outlook and state of mind. Marlene teaches us the basics of mantra, chanting, and sometimes even brings out the gong.

Free with your current package or $15 dropin - buy online here.  Haven't been to the studio in 6 months or more?  Come try our new 1-hour classes, classic 90-minute classes, room-temperature yoga and more at a great price!  Limited time - purchase 30 days unlimited online here.

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